Executive Board & Officers

Our PTA is led by volunteers from our Willett community. We work collaboratively on behalf of Willett students, teachers, and families. Please join us!

Executive Board 2023-24

President: Michele McCuen (president@willettpta.org)

VP Communications: Kate Rich (communications@willettpta.org)

First VP Fundraising: Meg Padovani (fundraising@willettpta.org)

Treasurer: Erin Autry Montgomery

Financial Secretary: Katie Lasker

Secretary: Lauren Crownshaw

Parliamentarian: Robert Blair

Historian: Kristine Cohen

Auditor:  Connie Beck

Program Officers/Coordinators 2023-24

BRAVO Music: Fei MacLeod

Book Fair Coordinator: Erin Autry Montgomery

Jog-a-thon Fundraiser: Sukhi Gill

End-of-Year Celebration Lead: TBA

6th Grade Celebration Lead: TBA

Hospitality: Nihan Alassaad

New Family Ambassador: TBA (newfamilies@willettpta.org)

Room Parent Co-Coordinators: Meg Padovani & Catherine Elliot Escobedo

Bike to School: OPEN

Yearbook: Kathryn Lasker

Garden of Learning: Chris Hartley & Julie Hartley

Davis Parents University Representative: Maureen Vollmer